MGMT “Flash Delirium”

MGMT - Flash Delirium

As reported earlier today by pretty much every other music blog on the entire internet, there is a new MGMT song.  It is the first to be released off the new album Congratulations, which I wrote about in a recent post, and it is currently available as a free download on the band’s website, where it is accompanied by the image above.

The track’s called “Flash Delirium” and pretty much sounds like the title suggests.  It flashes through so many different styles and instruments in four minutes, that it’ll leave your head spinning.  I’m reminded of a quote one of my college professors told me, I think it’s from McLuhan:  “If you don’t like these ideas, I’ve got others.”  This song is so all over the place, if you don’t like it, just wait a couple seconds.

Oh and there’s flutes! There is really too much going on to fully absorb this song and form an opinion already, but I think I kind of like it.  It’s a lot different than the last album, that’s for damn sure.  Give it a play below and right click to download.

MGMT – Flash Delirium

A Thin Line Between MGMT and Hate

MGMT - Congratulations

The above image is the cover art for Congratulations, the new MGMT album due in stores on April 13th.  If you pre-order now you can get a limited edition CD or vinyl with a “scratch off front cover” and “custom metal coin.”  I’m not kidding.  As for a first single, the group said in a recent interview with NME that they’d prefer not to release any from the album, because they’d “rather have people hear the whole album as an album.”  We’ll see how Sony/Columbia feels about that.  In a year that has already seen new discs from Spoon and Vampire Weekend, and will include new offerings from LCD Soundsystem, and possibly even The Strokes, this new MGMT disc might still be considered the most heavily anticipated release.

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My Top 20 Tracks of 2009

Animal Collective - Brother Sport No. 20
Animal Collective
“Brother Sport”

Washed Out - Feel It All Around No. 19
Washed Out
“Feel It All Around”
(Mexican Summer)

PBJ_NTWA_PS.jpg No. 18
Peter Bjorn and John
“Nothing To Worry About”
(Almost Gold/Wichita)

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