The Golden Filter “Solid Gold”

DJ A Trak cover
Pulled from DJ A-Trak’s new mix CD Infinity +1, “Solid Gold” is the first single released by the new New York-based electronic duo The Golden Filter.  I’ve been hearing this track quite a bit on Sirius/XMU and decided to buy it on iTunes only to find that its an album only purchase…and get this…iTunes only sells the mix as one 60 minute continuous track.

Luckily, Amazon came to the rescue.  They don’t offer “Solid Gold” as a single purchase, but at least they break the album down into individual tracks, and A-Trak is always dope so I figured it was worth the 10 bones.  The song’s got a great old school vibe to it and the chick’s got a cool voice, and it’s very timely considering Tina Fey’s joking reference to the 70’s TV show Solid Golid on 30 Rock the other night.

Download it here:  The Golden Filter – Solid Gold

Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Dragon Queen”


My song of the day for today is Dragon Queen from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, track 8 on their new, totally ‘dance-tastic’ album It’s Blitz that came out a few weeks ago.  Other select cuts include the single “Zero” and “Heads Will Roll.”  Read my full album review here.

Despite an abundance of cool songs on this one, “Dragon Queen” is definitely my fav.  It’s a bit quirky, and has a beat that I struggle to find a comparison for.  It’s kinda ’80s, Asian, and hip hop all in one.  Regardless it’s awesome and you can dowload it below.

Be sure to go out and buy the new album It’s Blitz.  You can downoad it from iTunes or Amazon now.  They are red hot right now after stirring performances at Coachella and on SNL and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The Very Best of the White Stripes

Shortly after the release of 2007’s Icky Thump, I was looking at The White Stripes catalog in iTunes and realized that it was primed for a homemade “greatest hits” mixtape. Getting the perfect track order on these sort of mixes can be tricky (if you care about that kind of thing, which clearly I do). But in this case the simplest approach worked best. The tracklist is in chronological order by album, starting with 2000’s De Stijl, and then the tracks are ordered within each album by their track number. This is similar to how EMI compiled the U.S. version of the 2002 Best of Bowie collection. The end result, The Very Best of The White Stripes, one badass album that encompasses the best of the group’s work and presents it in a way that gives a good look at the evolution of their sound and songwriting.  Enjoy.

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