All Girl Talk, All Week

Girl Talk - All Day

It seems like the music media has been in a Kanye West trance this fall, but last week we were treated to a brief respite courtesy of mashup maestro numero uno Mr. Gregg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk, and the surprise release of All Day, his fifth and most ambitious album to date. Of course with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy coming out today, on the heels of a 10.0 from Pitchfork no less, this moment was short lived, but that’s how it goes in the world of post-Twitter Kanye.

Girl Talk’s week in the spotlight started last Monday as news that All Day was available for FREE on the Illegal Art website quickly went viral. In a recent interview with Vulture, Gillis claimed that the free download wasn’t a legal decision, but a marketing strategy to build his fan base because if something online “is not free, or in your face, you might not be interested.” Well, people were clearly interested as reports of downloads failing were widespread, and it took many hours to get in some cases. You can download it here if you haven’t done so already.

All Day is quite good, the best Girl Talk effort to date in my opinion, but what’s really been remarkable is the way the web has consumed it. The album’s Wikipedia entry was created seemingly within minutes of its release and quickly filled up with an exhaustive list of its samples, 372 of which have been identified as of this writing. While collaborative editing is cool and all, this is 2010, so naturally a sweet visualization wasn’t far behind. Head over to Mashup Breakdown to watch the samples light up in real time as the songs play. It’s a bit of a time suck, but very helpful for identifying the songs you’re sure to be downloading in a drunken stupor late this Thanksgiving Eve. Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” anyone?

The Notorious XX

The Notorioius XX

If you’re a fan of mashups you might dig this new mixtape by Wait What that I found over on Seizure Chicken.  It’s worth checking out for the randomness of the pairing alone.  The Notorious B.I.G. is probably the most mashed up artist of all time, but I’ve never heard him mixed with a new artist like The xx before.  If you’e not familiar, they’re pretty hot right now, and you may have heard their music in television commercials, like VISA’s speed skating spot from the Olympics, or on Grey’s Anatomy (my girlfriend watches it, shut up).  You can hear the first track below, a mashup of “Dead Wrong” and the “Intro” track from The xx’s 2009 debut album XX, and if you’re still interested you can download the whole mix for FREE here.

The Notorious XX – Dead Wrong Intro